The Islamic Charter; Introduction


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    The Islamic Charter; Introduction

    Children's Rights and Duties


    This proposed document was drafted in light of the basic principles that govern children's affairs in Islam, leaving the matters related to legislation and executive procedures to each country, with a view to harmonizing the articles of the charter with the circumstances of each Islamic society. In drafting the articles of the charter, it was taken into consideration that they should correspond in content and order to the related international agreements, so as to facilitate a comparison between the Islamic perspective of children and other perspectives.


    The charter, lays special emphasis on the notion that the rights of children should be associated with their duties. In this respect, we emphasized that raising children must be based on a balance between rights and duties, in a manner that gradually develops with the stages of their growth until they reach the stage of full responsibility.


    This charter lists all children's rights along with their corresponding social and family duties. These can be legal rights protected by the judiciary; rights imposed by innate, religious, or social motives; or rights preceding the creation of the child as an embryo.


    In determining the content and drafting the articles of the charter, we restricted our reference to the Noble Qur'an and the Prophetic traditions (hadiths), taking classical and contemporary writings as guidance to highlight the principles that form the articles of the charter.




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